It doesn’t matter what level of skills you have in golfing, using rangefinders can really help in making your game easy. The only thing required of you, however, is knowing how to use them.

But first things first, it is better to have in mind that there is a different kind of laser rangefinders that are made or designed for different purposes. This is why it is better to know the purpose for which you want to use the gadget. There are those designed for hunting and others are specifically made to help improve your golfing. Since it is your gaming you want to improve, purchasing the one made for golfing will be a great idea. Anyway, below are some tips that will get you started with using rangefinders.

You can also find more ideas on how you can be able to use these devices. If you cannot find a good laser rangefinder then go for the best golf GPS rangefinder.

  1. Reading the manual

This is the first thing you should do after making the purchase. Reading the manual gives in-depth information of how the device works.

You will also get to know different parts of the device and their functions. When reading the manual, a person can also get to know different ways in which he or she can troubleshoot the device in case of any problems.

Information about how the device works can also be found online if the manual doesn’t say much about it.

  1. Using video tutorials

This is also another way in which one can learn how to use a rangefinder. Video tutorials usually come in handy especially if a person doesn’t feel like reading.

Apart from looking at the reviews, you can also find some video that gives detailed instructions on how a person can use the device while demonstrating.

This now depends on the type of rangefinder you have because there are different features for different devices.

  1. Trying out the features

Well, a lot of things was discovered through trial and error. This is just the same with using laser rangefinders. For one to learn how to use it effectively, he or she must keep trying out the features.

Make mistakes then gradually learn from them. This should also come in as one of the ways in which you can teach yourself how to use a laser range finder. That’s if you get too lazy to watch the video tutorials or even reading the manual.

However, this method requires a bit more time and patience before you finally get to know how to use the device.

Anyway, if you decide to go with this method, make sure to practice with the device more often so that you get used to each part and their settings. This way, you will be able to use the rangefinder efficiently.

  1. Practice sessions

Sometimes assumptions work but most of the time they can get you in trouble. Just because the rangefinder has been purchased directly from the store, this doesn’t guarantee that it works perfectly.

The only way to find out is to take it out on the field. If you keep on using the rangefinder consistently during your practice sessions, your skills will improve greatly and losing games won’t be part of your results anymore.

It is also important that you make your practice sessions look like an actual game situation. This will boost your confidence while also using your gadget correctly with a lot of ease.

  1. Patience

Remember when we talked about patience earlier? Well, this is also a factor that can affect your ability to learn how to use a laser rangefinder.

However much you can practice using it or watch the video tutorials or even by reading the manual, you still can’t grasp everything in a day. In other words, it will take you some time before you get hold of how the device is used.

As most people would say, patience is a virtue thus you just have to take your time with the device if at all you want to improve your game and get the right readings.

Before using the device in an actual game, make sure to practice enough with it. This will help you to get used to the device and all the other information it provides.


Nobody was born with any knowledge of how to use anything. A lot of things were discovered through conducting studies and research.

However, with laser rangefinders, you don’t need to do any research or conduct any studies. The tips above are just enough to get you started.