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How To Help Your Kids Who Wants To Play Ice Hockey


Your kids watched the movie and right now they wanted to play ice hockey. You might have never even set foot in an ice rink, so you will be wondering how to start. Here is usually some useful information to guide you through the task of teaching Hockey.

Guest Technical Pitch, Pitch And Run, Punch And the Flop Shot In the Sport of Go


In the match of golf, to have been a good achievement we have to have the correct techniques and the way we choose the accessories like sticks or golf GPS. The quickest way to improve a score that you should play golf in pieces of training about 100 yards back. If watching the golfer to play the best in the world, you will see they do not focus so much on the fairway, but once in the 100-yard boundary, each ball is called a hunger target approached.

Home on the range: some of us go on hunting and fishing trips …


The Brays Island Plantation, South Carolina, a rice plantation in the past, has become a beautiful residential community offering appealing choices for outdoor recreation. Sportsmen can enjoy freshwater and saltwater fishing, quail and dove shooting and golf.

There!” shouted my guide from his poling platform. “There! There! Two o’clock. Big fish! Fifteen pounds!”


Working women network while sharpening golf skills

It’s no secret that business is often conducted on the golf course rather than in the office this time of year, and one local group is encouraging women to use that to their advantage.

The Des Moines chapter of Executive Women’s Golf Association began in 1995, just four years after the national organization was founded. Diane Stahle, one of the founding members of the local chapter, says the group continues to be an important resource for professional women.

The game of golf – bringing women together in business


When Christine McInerney decided to leave Manhattan in 1999 and practice law on Long Island instead, it was obvious to her that the Island had a very active golf community. Not only that, it was a big part of how business is done here.

“I wasn’t a golfer, but wanted to be. It looked like fun, and advantageous to my career,” McInerney said. “So I looked into becoming knowledgeable.”

She discovered a national organization called the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA), and there was no Long Island chapter. So she started collecting other interested women. Thus EWGALI was born, and today more than 600 women belong to the chapter, making it the largest in the country.

Fairness on the fairway?


Any day now, thousands of beautiful azaleas, magnolias, and dogwood trees will burst into full bloom at Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club.

The manicured fairways will form a lush green carpet as the world’s top male golfers gather for the Masters, one of the sport’s major tournaments.

While that might sound like a pretty picture, this year’s Masters, which will take place April 10-13, could turn ugly. A prominent women’s group said it intends to protest outside the hallowed club during the week of the Masters tournament.

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